DeLand Pride Network

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President | Ann-Marie Willaker |
Treasurer | Dagny Robertson |

Committee Chairs

Activities Chair | Ann-Marie Willaker

Activities Sub Committee Chairs
Athletics | Colin MacFarlane |
Special Events | Desiree Sylvester |
Social | Dan Hensley |

Local Advocacy and Service Chairs | Caitlin White & Desiree Sylvester |

Marketing and Membership Chairs | Joy Yanes and Janell Williams |

DeLand Pride Network’s mission is to attract LGBTQIA+ members to our community by nourishing professional and personal relationships and providing an active and positive force in DeLand.

DeLand Pride Network Outline

President | Treasurer

Committee Chairs
Activities | Local Advocacy and Service | Marketing and Membership

Activities Committee
Hosting or involvement as a group in social, athletic and special events in the DeLand area. To support LGBTQA events but also to participate as an LGBTQA group in other community events.

  • Participating in local athletic leagues
  • Attending local athletic events as a group
  • Hosting ongoing social events like DeLand Pride Nights
  • Hosting annual special events like DeLand Pride Block Party
  • Organizing group attendance at local community events like MeStrong 5k, DeLand Rotary’s Glamour and Gore Halloween Party or the DeLand Christmas Parade

Local Advocacy and Service Committee
Organizing community service opportunities to members as well as support in the form of group counseling and outreach to the local GSA organizations. Taking initiative with local government by attending City and County meetings and serving on various government boards and committees throughout our community. Providing information on issues affecting the LGBTQA community.

  • Organizing community service projects
  • Placing DPN members on community service boards
  • Encouraging community involvement and speaking at local events
  • Group support for LGBTQ issues
  • Outreach to schools and GSA programs

Marketing and Membership Committee
Advocating DPN accomplishments and promoting DPN activities across social and print media and within the community. Promoting interaction among the DPN members and growing the membership.

  • Monthly Networking Mixers